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SchoolPortraits.com is recognized as an innovator in school photography with one of the most advanced in-studio production facilities in the industry. Having control over the entire process ensures that your school photographs, service items and yearbooks are produced with the highest possible standards.
Our organization continues to change by modifying our services to meet the needs of the customer. Over the years we have expanded into school portraits, senior portraits, yearbooks, proms, dance and sports activities.
With minimal administration required from your staff and excellent commission rates, we offer greater value, first-rate quality and exceptional service. We welcome you to join the SchoolPortraits.com Family!

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P.S. 56Q Harry Eichler
P.S. 307k Daniel Hale Williams
P.S. 67k Charles A. Dorsey
The College Academy
P.S. 23x Bronx The New Children's School
P.S. 50x Talfourd Lawn Elementary School
P.S. 197Q The Ocean School
P.S. 140x The Eagle School
P.S. 181k Graduation 2021

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